iFert stands for intelligent fertilising


iFert consultants are highly trained in all schools of fertiliser practice whether it be full conventional to biological and anywhere in between. Both our consultants are qualified in Sustainable Nutrient Management (Massey University) and regularly attend seminars by world leaders in the industry.

We work directly with an array of fertiliser companies and fertiliser importers to provide the farmer with the best non-bias options for moving the operation forward. This business model matches the fact that there is no one size fits all when it comes to fertilisers,  and a product that may indeed give a good response in year one may not be the ideal product for the best return on investment the following years. Our recommendations are based on pure science after considering not only the chemical aspect but the equally important physical and biological aspects of soil and plant science as well. We are skilled in detecting visual deficiencies in the paddock, which can then also be verified in many cases on the spot with the state of the art technology we have at our disposal.  Soil and Herbage samples are typically taken and further analysed in our lab along with either Hill Laboratories or Eurofins to confirm our observations found out in the paddock.

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